VVS1 Moissanite Automaitc Watch Stainless Steel


VVS1 Moissanite Automaitc Watch Stainless Steel

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Flooded with VVS1 moissanite diamonds. This automatic watch has a spectacular iced out face and a premium 904L stainless steel base which means the watch will never rust or fade. This is a beautiful piece that is guaranteed to impress all provided for a reasonable price. The white gold finish tops off this watch and represents its capabilites to impress in the best way possible.




– Premium 904L Stainless Steel

– VVS1 Moissanite D Grade (Colourless)

What Is Moissanite?
Moissanite is regarded as a diamond alternative, with some visual and compositional features exceeding those of a real diamond. It is marketed at a lower price alternative to diamond that also claims less exploitative mining practices. Moissanite stones are incredibly hot right now and is the perfect popular diamond alternative. Moissanite has a higher refractive index which means it tends to refract more light than diamonds, producing a stronger level of brilliance. This means that a Moissanite will usually appear to sparkle more than a diamond of similar cut and size.

Does Moissanite Test As a Real Diamond?

Moissanite and natural diamonds conduct heat in a similar manner, therefore Moissanite reads as a diamond on most diamond testers.


Does Moissanite Lose It’s Sparkle?

Moissanite will NEVER lose its shine or sparkle over time due to it’s impressive hardness and refractive index. These two factors provide durability and beat any other gemstone in the market!


How does moissanite compare to a diamond?


Moissanite has a greater refractive index compared to diamonds which allows moissanite to provide a greater level of brilliance. This means that a moissanite will usually shine brighter and refract more like than a diamond of similar cut and size.



Moissanite is a lab made gem providing a higher level of clarity than a diamond would. We only use the highest clarity of moissanite; VVS1.



Moissanite and diamonds can either be colorless or near-colorless. We only use D grade moissanite which is completelty colourless.


In terms of sustainabilty, moissanite is a very ethical stone choice as it is a man-made stone. This means no mining is needed to give you a perfectly brilliant moissanite. The stones also never go cloudy, so it can be reused an unlimited number of times. Eco-friendly and sustainable!


Is Moissanite Worth buying?

Moissanite has many features and benefits that are greater than those of a real diamond. This means that you can choose a much larger stone for a much lower price than if you were choosing a diamond. Many of our customers don’t feel the need to spend a lot on natural diamonds and have all been very satisfied with Moissanite. If you are looking for a jewellery alternative that will give off the same look as a real diamond with stones that look great, pass the diamond tester and will last you a lifetime, all for a reasonable price, then they are worth buying.


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